McCall, Idaho
Olympus om-4 (Fuji Film 200)


McCall, Idaho

Olympus om-4 (Fuji Film 200)

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Europe - Solo Travelling
by Lee Barguss

Europe - Solo Travelling

by Lee Barguss

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sin título by coolhandluke on Flickr.

sin título by coolhandluke on Flickr.

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Loch Affric by on Flickr.
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What if I fall


What if I fall

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Samuel Elkins

罪人 + 情人
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Abruzzo, Italy (Leonardo Proietti)
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Nicole Segovia
Vancouver, BC
Nikon F100

We get the impression that you’re a beach person; even that car is trying to get there. What can you tell us about your love for the seaside?

My love of the sea was bred into me; one of my grandfathers was a professional fisherman, the other a hobbyist. As a kid, my mum use to take us on summer camping trips around the coast of British Columbia where me and my sisters would spend hours digging through the sand and swimming in the Pacific. The town I grew up in wasn’t on the oceanfront but there were countless lakes surrounding us. I can’t remember a summer where I didn’t spend most of my time camped out on the lakeside, fishing, swimming, cliff jumping and just being a kid.

There was a period of about 5 consecutive years when in the midst of winter my family would head down to Mexico to get some sunshine and relax by the beach. I think I was too young to understand how to relax, so I was always out in the ocean while the rest of my family was on the beach. I loved being thrown around by the big waves in Mexico because British Columbia didn’t really have any waves to offer.

When I was 18, I moved from my hometown to Vancouver. I fell in love with the fact that the ocean and the mountains were both accessible in less than twenty minutes. The past year and half I was living in Melbourne, where it was the complete opposite. I felt trapped by the lack of accessible nature. It was a sea of people rather than the beautiful salty water I was so used to in Vancouver. I became really depressed; my sadness turned into anger, and I really started to hate Melbourne.

When one of my friends, sick of my complaining, told me about the “Great Ocean Road”, a four hour drive along the coast of the state of Victoria, I looked into it immediately. I think it was less than two weeks later that my partner and I were in a car driving along the oceanside. The salty air hit us with a fervour and we felt renewed. I think the happiness and relief I felt as soon as I was back near the ocean can be found in this set of photos, which were all taken during my time in Australia. The day we drove along the coast it wasn’t the nicest weather, but it still felt so good to be there.

My excitement to capture the happiness I was experiencing, resulted in about 5 rolls of oceanside photos. For the rest of the time in Australia, my partner and I spent most of our time trying to get away from the city. The photo of Peter in the reeds was taken during a trip we took to Tasmania. It rained almost the whole time we were there but it was still one of my favourite trips I’ve taken to date. Everywhere we went we were the only campers around. We spent three days in a little cove called Fortescue Bay and we had the entire beach to ourselves; it was the best sort of isolation anyone could ask for.

On the last day of our trip in Tasmania, we went to a museum. Outside, I captured the photo of the car trying to squeeze itself through the concrete to get to the ocean as I felt it best represented my experience in Australia, always trying to escape urbanity. I’ve only been home for 3 months now, and I think I’ve spent almost every weekend since either in the mountains finding hidden lakes, or at the oceanside with my feet in the sand. I hope for my photos to express my affinity towards nature, and the comfort it brings me.

Tumblr: @nicolesegovia
Instagram: @nikkisegovia
Website: @nicolesegovia


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Fall by ` ppimm ` on Flickr.

Fall by ` ppimm ` on Flickr.

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"If you have to ask, the answer is rarely yes."

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